Looking for Ariel? You won’t need to swim far to find her. We’re not floundering around. Put that dinglehopper down and take a look at your reflection… Ariel is inspired by you.


You see, Ariel is magic. She has no fear of depths, and is not one for shallow living. She’s as free as the ocean blue, in brave pursuit of chasing anything she dreams to be. Can you be anything you want to be? Ariel sure thinks so. She lives a colorful life, taking moments to play in the waves. Oh, and she makes waves too. She loves herself fiercely (p.s. mermaids don’t have thigh gaps). She collects friends like seashells, and doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of shrimp. In fact, she reminds us to come out of our shell. When the tide turns, she doesn’t get salty… She just keeps on swimming. As they say, vitamin sea cures all.

She may be a magical creature, but you are proof that mermaids are in fact real. (Um, who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid?!)

Ariel’s magic lives within all of us. She is anything you dream her to be.

Live authentically. Shellebrate your girl power.


Shine on, mermaids.