Be A Nice Human. In loving memory of Nikki Beaudoin

Photos: @arizonastatetheta


When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

Over the past few weeks, the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta at Arizona State University have been working diligently in bringing their community together to celebrate the life of one of their own sisters, Nikki Beaudoin. Nikki, a kind soul who always stood behind the saying, “be a nice human,” passed away from cancer on June 10, 2017. She was 20 years old.

Nikki’s ASU Theta sisters chose to commemorate Nikki’s beautiful life by starting an all inclusive philanthropy, where they raised money to donate in her honor. They chose to donate to Stupid Cancer, a non-profit organization that advocates in research and support for young adults diagnosed with cancer. Everyone was invited to participate in the philanthropy — all students at Arizona State University (not just Greek Life), in addition to Nikki’s family & friends nationwide. Natalie Sirois, an active member of ASU Theta and dear friend of Nikki, took the lead in making this philanthropy come to life.

We had the privilege of working with Natalie and her Theta Chapter in creating shirts & stickers that represented Nikki’s spirit to help raise funds. We spoke with Natalie on her time dedicated to this philanthropy and how Nikki impacted so many lives.


A&A: Can you share a little bit about Nikki?
Natalie: If someone could be perfect, Nikki Beaudoin was pretty darn close. She was beauty, brains, and truly the kindest soul on this planet. Nikki was the definition of a go-getter, hardworking, and passionate leader who demonstrated kindness in everything she did. She was extremely athletic, being very involved in soccer and also a talented dancer. Nikki was an Arizona native and attended Arizona State University and Barrett, The Honors College pursuing nursing. Even when undergoing chemotherapy she still received a 99+ on her pathophysiology final (in true Nikki fashion). She is and will always be a wonderful member of Kappa Alpha Theta.
Most of all, “Nikki was always putting others first whether through some direct action, or simply by telling everyone around her how much they were loved and appreciated.”
A&A: What was the inspiration behind the philanthropy?
Natalie: Nikki embodied being a nice human. To commemorate and honor her legacy of being an incredibly kind person, my sorority and I wanted to fundraise to donate to Stupid Cancer, an organization that supports young adults battling the horrible disease while spreading positivity through our “be a nice human” efforts across campus.
When battling cancer, Nikki saw firsthand the lack of resources and inadequate support for young adults with cancer. She decided to write her thesis on the need for young adult cancer support groups in Arizona. Although she never ended up getting to pursue this thesis topic, Stupid Cancer was a resource that aimed to provide solutions and aide for young adults with the disease. Supporting Stupid Cancer in its efforts to raise awareness about and provide support to this underserved community is just one way Nikki’s family, and Kappa Alpha Theta at ASU, are continuing her commitment to improving those in similar situations.
If you want to learn more about Nikki and her story of her disease, visit her website, created by her family: 
A&A: How are you celebrating the life of Nikki, and what events were held throughout the philanthropy?
Natalie: Throughout Nikki Beaudoin’s Philanthropy, our two goals were to 1) fundraise for Stupid Cancer and 2) spread her positivity to those around us and remind people to “be a nice human”.
The various events we had did just that. Below is what we accomplished during this semester for her philanthropy:
  1. Sell t-shirts and stickers
  2. Percentage night at Someburros
  3. Percentage night at Unbaked Edible Cookie Dough
  4. “Be A Nice Human Grams” to send to other Greek chapters at ASU. They were basically thank you type cards to let people know that their friends/others are grateful for them and that they are a “nice human”.
  5. Celebration of Life: Nikki always said that you should “sweat everyday”, so hiking A mountain seemed fitting. As a group, we hiked the mountain and placed little rocks that said “be a nice human” during the hike so other hikers can stumble upon them. At the top, we said a little prayer. It was truly special because Nikki’s family and friends could all come together, celebrate, and support each other.
A&A: We know you kept the philanthropy all inclusive, which means that all fraternities, sororities, friends, and family could participate. This is amazing. What inspired this?
Natalie: Being a nice human is all about being inclusive. The message we wanted to spread relates to everyone. I believe making it inclusive would’ve been what Nikki wanted.
A&A: What was the inspiration behind the design of the shirts and stickers? 
Natalie: Nikki was all about being a nice human. If you hear this phrase and you knew Nikki, you automatically think of her, her spirit, and her legacy. I wanted to make shirts and stickers that appealed to everyone and shared her message. Now, those of you who may not have known Nikki can feel her positivity too.
It was a great privilege for us to work with the sisters of ASU Kappa Alpha Theta in honor of Nikki’s life. Our founder, Ali Matthews, is an alumna of ASU Theta, and serves on the advisory board. She has been especially moved by the chapter’s strength & perseverance during this time.
In the wake of tragedy, ASU Theta’s efforts have provided something so powerful — bringing hope, and celebrating the life of a beloved sister gone much too soon. It is our aspiration that other young people around the country will find comfort & inspiration in all that the chapter has done in Nikki’s honor. As a sisterhood of women, of Greek Life, and of humankind, we are never alone. We thrive when we support one another.
And, always remember… Be a nice human.
Follow ASU Theta on Instagram @arizonastatetheta to see more of what they’re up to throughout the year. All our love to the Beaudoin family.