don't just behave

Ali & Ariel focuses on empowering women- regardless of physical appearance, interests, or history. We believe in the grace of acceptance and the power of coming together. There is strength in supporting each other, with all differences set aside.

The event that took place this past weekend in Orlando has truly rocked humanitarian morals. Regardless of circumstance, a human life is a human life. There’s no further justification needed to decide its label of “wrong” or “right”. Our thoughts go out to all the families and loved ones effected by this tragedy. No death by discrimination is ever deserved.

There is beauty in differentiating opinions, and the human race has agreed to disagree on all different levels of debated topics. But at the end of it all, we’ve made a commitment as individuals to co-exist. We are not given the choice to participate in this coexistence, it wasn’t our choice to make. And regardless of childhood, education, gender, belief system, religion, skin color, interests, identity, hobbies, or lifestyle, we were all put here for a reason—some finding that purpose more quickly than others. But in the meantime, we aren’t asked to do much other than simply…behave. And once in awhile, maybe lend a helping hand. If you’re lucky, a random act of kindness.

Imagine a world, where we all truly wished the best for one another. And despite our differences, we continued to exist peacefully—or at least refrained from allowing our opinions to turn us against each other. Because at the end of the day, that’s all it truly is. Don’t get me wrong, opinions and morals are important foundations that make up our own individual identity, but who’s to judge the hierarchy? Who gets to decide what constitutes as the ultimate, or correct, way to live your life? And most importantly, who gets to dictate the end of another’s?

Tragedies are what test our Nation’s ability to come together, and do more than simply “behave” or “co-exist”. They form unnatural bonds between people who share a common loss. It’s about time we start forming unnatural bonds out of the goodness of our hearts. Minus the tragedy. Maybe we lean on each other because someone’s attributes support another’s voids. It’s true, you CAN empower others without a commonality. Kindness never goes unnoticed. And we should stop waiting for someone’s tears to fall, before offering a word of comfort.

We believe in the power of our country’s perseverance. And the strength in positivity. There’s a lot of beauty out there, when we decide our differences don’t dictate its presence in others. At the end of it all, it’s just one soul, one human being, against another. So, united we stand, as a Nation– as a human race. Don’t just “behave”. Look out for each other. And let nobody dictate the single commonality amongst us all: Life.


xoxo, The Mermaids