Crushin’ on Ohio State Alpha Phi Bid Day

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Sorority clothes, but make it fashion. At Ali & Ariel, we LOVE seeing your creativity come alive. It all starts with making your custom design dreams come true. And when you take the custom gear we create for your chapter & add your own sense of personal style, our hearts are full. You can imagine our reaction when we saw Ohio State Alpha Phi’s 2019 Bid Day sweatshirts… O M G. Talk about styled to perfection!!

Ohio State Alpha Phi took our custom sweatshirts, and added a little DIY love to take their customization to the next level. Do you see that bleached dye & distressed detail?!

We caught up with Tori Nowak, Director of Formal Recruitment and recently elected as VP of Recruitment of Ohio State Alpha Phi to get all the details on those fab Bid Day sweatshirts. (If you’re looking for Bid Day inspo, prepare to be inspired!)

A&A: Tell us all about your Bid Day, how was it?

T: Bid Day was unbelievable in so many ways. It was unbelievably cold, to the point that Ohio State made us move the event inside which, to the best of my knowledge, has not really ever happened. This did not stop my chapter from dancing outside, jumping to stay warm, waiting for our new members! When the girls arrived we set off pink smoke bombs and giant confetti poppers that you could see all the way down greek row. Once our new members arrived, we headed inside where the dance party continued. We also had a FotoBar, cotton candy wall and a huge spread made by our chef, Pete, for the chapter. So many girls came up to me after Bid Day saying how it was the most fun they have ever had as an Alpha Phi, so I would say it was a pretty large success!

A&A: What inspired your theme?

T: Deciding on a Bid Day theme was actually a huge challenge for my team. We wanted something never done before! Late one night our Director of Continuous Open Bidding, Lizzie Topinka, suggested we do a Valentine’s Day theme. I initially was worried it wouldn’t come across as bold or edgy. Our VPMR, Liza Salberg, decided to transform that idea into “Alpha Phi Stole My Heart” with pink and red EVERYTHING with hints of hearts and lips.

A&A: OK, let’s talk about those sweatshirts. What did you ladies do to make them look SO COOL?

T: The secret to our sweatshirts was bleach! Girls just went to target to buy small bottles of bleach (12oz) and poked a hole in the cap. They took their sweatshirts outside, put cardboard in-between the sweatshirt to prevent bleeding, and squirted the front and back. Everyone gave the advice to their friends that less is more, but use quite a bit to really get that look of big blotches rather than splatter. You can always add more bleach but you can never take it away! You need good lighting for this too, because the bleach doesn’t change the color of the fabric right away, so you need to see the wet areas of the shirt to make sure you’re happy with the results. The sweatshirts were hung to dry in a ventilated space overnight and washed separate before wear. 

A&A: What other clothing items & accessories did everyone wear to complete the look?

T: The recruitment team made a lookbook for girls to model their Bid Day attire off of. The main idea was all reds and pinks, white, silver, no denim or black. Lots of girls wore fur coats, puffer jackets, heart/lip pattern leggings, heart glasses, hair pom-poms, bandanas and pink hair chalk. We supplied candy necklaces and glitter to finish off the look!

A&A: How was your experience working with our team?

T: My overall experience working with Ali & Ariel was amazing. My Stylist, Olivia, responded to me at least once a day with a new ideas and art for our apparel. She was so patient as I ran so many ideas and changes past her and the final product shows the hard work she put into our Bid Day apparel. 

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity with these amazing ladies! To check out what else Ohio State Alpha Phi is up to on their Instagram, click here.

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