Game Day Ready. Meet Maiya!

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Meet Maiya!! This northern gal is a ray of sunshine amongst (a lot) of snow! Her passion for her sisterhood and school spirit is so admirable… We have fallen in love! With football season amongst us, Maiya is getting us ready for GAME DAY the A-PHI WAY!

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A&A: What makes your sisterhood unique?

M: Drake Alpha Phi has been one of the best decisions for me because of the women that I am surrounded by. There are so many unique women who I never would have met without Phi. I am constantly inspired and in awe of these women who push me to levels I didn’t know I had. The women who are unlike me have given me so much and help me grow, no two women are the same so there is something to gain from every member. I have photographers, feminists, athletes, activists, brilliant scholars, the kindest hearts and everything in between in my sisterhood. The unique women in my chapter have made my sisterhood standout.


A&A: What are your game day essentials?!

M: My game day must haves would definitely be face tattoos, sunglasses and A LOT of blue! (And my letters of course!)


A&A: What does it mean to you to be a Mermaid of the Month?

M: Being the Mermaid of the Month means representing my chapter, and that is something that I always love to do. Sometimes it is hard being a smaller chapter in a private school, for various reasons. I want to show that even small chapters have amazing sisterhood, have fun and are just as wonderful as our big school sisters. I have pride for Drake Alpha Phi and want everyone to know it!! <3 

We have loved getting to know Maiya and sharing her pride & love for her chapter! Are you interested in becoming a Mermaid of the Month? If so, apply here!