Getting to Know the Women in Your Chapter

Happy Friday, Merbabes! We’re kicking off the weekend with a cutesy How To on getting to know the women in your chapter. 

We’ve all been there. It’s Bid Day, you just ran home to your amazing chapter and the excitement is unreal. A few days pass and Monday hits… you have your very first Chapter meeting. Suddenly, it dawns on you that there are over 200 women you haven’t met yet. Who will you sit with?! How do you get to know them? We’ve got you covered with these 5 A&A approved tips!

Get involved – Right out of the gate

As cliche as it sounds during recruitment, it really is the truth… you get out what you put in! The easiest and most effective way to get to know the women in your chapter is to go to the events, participate in discussions and make the effort to be present. Not only will you meet more women, you’ll also experience the most of your greek community and chapter – who doesn’t love more memories? We know… this one was kind of common sense but we had to have it in the tips! 



We all know there are going to be tons of group chats, GroupMe’s and Facebook pages… maybe even a few apps to download. So why not be the one to initiate your member class’ chats? Make the first step and even create chats for specific groups. Have multiple campuses? Or a bunch of sisters in class? What about living in the same dorm? Make sure everyone is included but create smaller groups within to meet women who are already popping up in parts of your schedule and life. 

Reach out to your Executive Board members 

The leaders of your chapter are great resources and clearly have a passion for your sisterhood – of course they want you to feel comfortable. Ask some of them to grab coffee or chat after chapter and ask about upcoming opportunities to meet sisters. Have them introduce you to their fam and close sisters. Reaching out to these women will not only afford you opportunities to meet more girls – you can also learn more about your new chapter! 


Host something

Invite your member class over for a movie night. Host a brunch and make pancakes together. Volunteer to carpool. These are great ways to meet women and make connections. These will also be great memories to look back on as you grow within your chapter! Hosting and inviting sisters to things also shows that you are making an effort and other members will appreciate that.

Study Buddies 

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the same classes, grade or school… All of your sisters are students like you and have to study – so why not do it together? Head to your favorite starbucks, library spot or the chapter house and crank out some work while hanging with your sisters. This is a super easy way to connect with fellow student sisters and you can make it into a routine. Start by asking who has a similar major or if anyone has any big tests coming up – we’re betting you’ll get some takers! 

me + my big! @asudeltagamma

No matter which of these tips you choose to roll out, recognize that being apart of your chapter and the greek community alone is a great connection. You WILL meet the women in your chapter. It won’t happen overnight – but it is sure to happen. Remember that just like you, your sisters are adjusting too! Everyone went through recruitment to find their homes and lifelong friendships, right? Remind yourself of that! You’ve got this. Just be YOU! We believe in you. 



A&A Intern, Delta Gamma at Arizona State