Hello, Recruitment 2017!

Photo: @asupibetaphi. Tanks by Ali & Ariel.


Is it Bid Day yet?! We’ve got a little ways to go, but it’s official. Recruitment season is HAPPENING! Grab your sisters, and brace yourselves. The best is yet to come.

As spring semester winds down, you’re getting down to business. Full force planning mode! Pinterest boards for days. Inspo everywhere you turn. It’s fun, it’s a *teeny* bit stressful, but you know it’s SO worth it. Eyes on the prize, ladies… your sisterhood is growing! In a few short months, you’ll be meeting your future littles. The best friend you can’t imagine life without. Your future bridesmaid. Your sisters for a lifetime. How COOL is that?!

Sisters, that right there is what this is all about. We’ve been in your shoes. Former Recruitment Chairs and Exec Officers speaking! Big sister talk… enjoy each moment. It all flies by WAY too fast. (For real though.)

You want your chapter to shine. You deserve it!! And who said you can’t have fun in the process?! Clothes are fun, so why not! We’re here to make this a happy journey together. Basically, we’re your big sisters… and we got your back. Special design requests? On a budget? Girl, we got this! 🙂

With all our mermaid hearts, thank you for putting your love and trust in your friends at Ali & Ariel. We’re honored you’re here! Take a peek at our Recruitment FAQ’s for a mini rundown. Our Stylists will help guide you each step along the way! Contact us on our Order Now page, and we’ll get started!

Let the creativity and planning begin. Here’s to the BEST Recruitment yet! (Oh, and did we mention the clothes are going to be SO CUTE? Yup, that too.) All our love!

More info? You got it!

Recruitment FAQ’s

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