HOW TO: Stay In Touch Over Summer

Welcome back, Merbabes! With it now being officially summer vacation from school (!!) we wanted to make sure you and your sisters are fully equipped to stay in touch over the next few months. We asked YOU to send in your staying-in-touch tips we’re so excited to share them because they’re pretty fantastic!

So without further ado, here are some creative ways to stay connected over the summer:

Sister Snail Mail 

Draft up a contact sheet with addresses and get writing! Send your sisters letters, postcards, photos, etc. in the mail, ask for a reply or tell them to send something to another name on the list. This is such an old school, fun and cute way to stay in touch with your sisters – plus you’ll have the letters as keepsakes! 

Pen Pals

Similar to snail mail but on a larger scale… Reach out to other chapters across the country and pen pal your sisters from other schools! Not only will you feel more connected to your sisters, but to your chapter as a whole. 

Virtual Cookbook 

Connect with your sisters in the kitchen! Gather recipes from everyone, think fun summer lemonades, smoothies, cakes, etc. and create your chapter’s very own cookbook. Send it around virtually so everyone can have a copy! 

Netflix Party

Pick a date, time, and movie and head to to download the free extension that allows you and all your sisters to watch, pause, and comment on the movie at the SAME time! Have movie marathons, themed nights or weekly showings with as many sisters as you want. 

IG Takeovers

Have sisters take over the chapter’s IG story and share about their days! This is such a fun way to get to know your sisters better, and see what they’re up to. Plus, PNMs will get a chance to look into how your sisterhood communicates and stays connected while separated. 

Online Games

There are TONS of online multiplayer games like Cards Against Humanity, We’re Not Really Strangers’ new card game, and of course, the OGs like Club Penguin?! Host a zoom game night and play games with sisters to stay in touch! 

Facetime Photoshoots

Did you recently purchase some new A&A gear but your photographer BFF isn’t around to capture it? This is the tip for you. Facetime your sisters and have them take screenshots of you – the quality might not be the absolute best but if you make some edits or create a collage you’re golden! This is definitely one of the most creative ways of staying in touch and hey, who doesn’t love a cute photoshoot?! 

Create a Buzzfeed Quiz

Whether you make the quiz about your exec team, your individual fam, or your chapter as a whole this is such a cute and quirky way to stay in touch! Have everyone take it to see who knows the most about your chapter, or which exec member you’re most like, etc. Click here to learn more about making a Buzzfeed Quiz! 

Book Club

This idea is a classic, of course! Ask each woman in the club to select their favorite book and make sure to set deadlines for chapters so you can Facetime or Zoom to discuss. Hint: if you’re looking for inspo on what books to read, check out our last blog post!

Sister Surprise 

Nothing is more fun than a great surprise! Send a sister a cutie gift this summer to make her smile. We’ve got you covered in all departments, comfies, hats, tech, alumna, you name it! Show off your chapter this summer and let us help you do it. 

Group Chats

You probably have tons anyway but what’s the harm in making some new ones? Whether you divide it up by member class, fam, exec teams, or even women in the same area, it’s nice to have a constant flow of communication. During the last few months, it has been easy to feel lonely and out of touch so reach out to the masses! 

Staying in touch while separated from your friends and sisters can be really difficult – we’re hoping that with some of these ideas you’ll be able to strengthen those bonds and remain connected with ease! Let us know what you’re doing to keep up with each other, we’d love to see. 

Don’t forget to tag us in all of your summer fun on Instagram, @ali_and_ariel and if you’re in need of inspo read up on all of our recent blogs and reference Pinterest

Keep creating, stay connected, and enjoy your summer, Merbabes! 



A&A Intern, Delta Gamma at Arizona State