Love is Love

Happy June, Merbabes! Not only are we excited that summer is officially rolling in, but June is PRIDE MONTH

Pride is such an important part of our company, community, and hearts. We wanted to dedicate this post and of course, our Love is Love collection to those celebrating their love, in all forms, this month ❤️

In conjunction with our social posts, we wanted to share ways, resources, and tips for having, speaking, knowing, giving, spreading, and accepting LOVE. 

What does it mean to…

HAVE Love: Recognize that we all have love in different capacities. Whether you have familial, platonic, or romantic love, you as a human being are gifted with feeling and having love.

SPEAK Love: It is so important to speak love into existence. People crave and appreciate verbal affection and acknowledgment.  Speaking love is to actively push love into the universe and allow your loved ones to hear your feelings.

KNOW Love: Knowing love means understanding what real love truly is and what it offers. Recognizing that love can be both amazing and painful but SO worth having. 

GIVE Love: To give love is to share it with everyone. Accepting that all love doesn’t look, sound or seem the same and helping others to accept that too. Giving love is how you show other people what YOUR love looks like. 

SPREAD Love: Spreading love makes the world a better place. It is the mentality that everyone is deserving of good love and you have some to spare. Using your voice, body, and being to actively throw positivity and love like confetti. 🤗

And finally, 

ACCEPT Love: Probably the most important – Accepting love is to understand that YOU are deserving of love. This means having a high sense of self-worth, recognizing both your amazing qualities and the flaws, and knowing you are worthy of good love. It means allowing people the chance to get to know and care about you – allowing people in.

We recognize that things are still uncertain around us. We salute the fact that change IS happening in our lives. And we embrace Pride Month so wholeheartedly. We stand with all of our LGBTQ babes and support the fact that LOVE IS LOVE. 

Happy Pride! Stay safe and healthy, Merbabes. 



A&A Intern, Delta Gamma at Arizona State