Meet the Mermaids: Emily

Snap, crackle, pop! We hope you had a BLAST this week babes! Here at the lagoon we are swimming in orders, closing out the week, and getting ready for the recruitment season now that the holiday is over.  Meet our kind-hearted mermaid, fashionista, and graphic designer Emily!

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A&A: Where did you attend school?

E: Indiana University – Bloomington


A&A: What was your greek affiliation? Did you hold any positions?

E: Delta Zeta – VP of Programming


A&A: Where are you from?

E: Shelbyville, IN


A&A: What words do you live by? What’s your favorite quote?

E: Go Live Your Dreams! – Rapunzel from Tangled


A&A: What are you most passionate about?

E: Art, Disney, & Kate Spade. Ali & Ariel combined all the things I love most… designing beautiful clothing with a mermaid’s touch! It was love at first fin!


A&A: What is your number one beauty staple?

E: Charlotte Tilbury everything!!


A&A: What is your position at Ali&Ariel? What do you do?

E: Graphic Artist, I have the wonderful opportunity to make our clients designs and ideas a reality. I work with the stylists and clients to create the custom apparel designs. As well as any other designs our mermaid think up!


A&A: What do you love most about working at Ali & Ariel?

E: The beautiful designs we create, the wonderful people we work with & our lovely Mermaid Fam.


A&A: Fave Ali & Ariel tee? And why?

E: The Cactus Garden Tee, it combines my chapter & the desert in pink and green. What’s not to love?!


A&A: Tell us a fun fact about yourself! What makes you unique?

E: A nickname I had in high school and college was Pocahontas, I am not only a huge Disney fan but I have always had long dark hair and my family also has some Native American in our background.


A&A: Describe what GRL PWR means to you…

E: What GRL PWR means to me is empowering others to be themselves because our true self will shine the brightest.