Meet the Mermaids: Haley

Happy Thursday! We hope you had some 4th of July fin! We love the holi-YAYs here in the office! Fireworks were booming, flags were flying, and our Stars and Stripes collection was shining! Our graphic designer Haley is enjoying her fourth of July week traveling! What did you do for the holiday?

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A&A: Where did you attend school?

H: Arizona State University


A&A: What was your greek affiliation? Did you hold any positions?

H: I was a Sigma Kappa! – A member of the first pledge class in 2012.
I was also the PR Chair for Sigma Kappa, using my design skills and creating awesome looks for my chapter.


A&A: Where are you from?

H: South Lake Tahoe, CA


A&A: Any involvements? (clubs, events, activities, volunteering)

H: At the moment I am all about going outdoors. Outdoor adventures are my JAM. I hike the beautiful trails of Lake Tahoe, swim in the lake, jet ski on the weekends, as well as BBQ with my friends at the lovely rocky beaches here.


A&A: What words do you live by? What’s your favorite quote?

H: “Here for a good time, Not a long time.”
To me this is just to make the most of your time that you have on this planet to really pursue what you enjoy doing. Really take the time to explore, make memories, and meet people from around the world because really in the end buying things won’t make you happy but your experiences and people you’ve met will.


A&A: What are you most passionate about?

H: I am the most passionate about design obviously, but photography/videography are my hobbies that I like to work on outside of work. My friends hate me putting the camera in front of their face but in the end they love getting cool photos from me.


A&A: What is your number one beauty staple?

H: Right now my number one Beauty Product is COOLA Tinted Organic BB+ Cream. I am the type that likes makeup but keeping it looking effortless. This BB Cream makes my face feel refreshed and ready to go without all the hassle of putting on a lot of foundation. It’s light feeling, which especially great for summer time. I also can never go anywhere without any mascara on!


A&A: What is your position at Ali&Ariel? What do you do?

H: I am one of three Graphic Designers at Ali & Ariel. I create the awesome artwork you ladies request. So when you get stoked about your new artwork, I was a part in helping make that happen.


A&A: What do you love most about working at Ali & Ariel?

H: I love that working at Ali & Ariel isn’t just a typical desk job, I am a part of a family here. I get to do all the stuff that I want to do on my computer at work by working on creations. There’s always that one design that is a bright new idea, that is cool to work on.


A&A: Fave Ali & Ariel tee? And why?

H: Fav Ali and Ariel Tee is the GRL PWR tee, such a simple design with a lot of impact.The t-shirt itself is comfortable and has some holes in it for style. 


A&A: Tell us a fun fact about yourself! What makes you unique?

H: Fun Fact I love pandas, they are so cute and cuddly. I also try to do my best in saving turtles by drinking from a reusable water bottle, not using straws, or plastic bags.


A&A: Describe what GRL PWR means to you…

H: GRL PWR to me is Strong Women, who stick together and help uplift one another. Now any women is a strong women so I believe it is for all women out there. It is whether you choose to participate in helping each other and having girls support other girls and not tear them down.