Meet the Mermaids: Joey

Happy Monday fun-day merbabes!! Recruitment season is arriving shortly and there is a new mermaid in the lagoon! We are so excited to introduce you to our first ever mer-man, Joey!

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A&A: Where do you go to school?

J: Currently attending Arizona State University


A&A: What is your greek affiliation?

J: Lambda Chi Alpha


A&A: Where are you from?

J: St. Louis, Missouri


A&A: Any other involvement? (clubs, events, activities, volunteering)

J: I am a Devils’ Advocate, which are the tour guides on campus. I also started my own chapter of Autism Speaks at ASU! I am a community assistant within University Housing, and I also work in the Admissions department during the summer!


A&A: What words do you live by? What’s your favorite quote?

J: You are your only limit!


A&A: What are you most passionate about?

J: I LOVE kids! I want to be a pediatrician so working with the kiddos is my favorite thing ever!


A&A: What is your number one beauty staple?

J: Tanning Oil


A&A: What is your position at Ali&Ariel? What do you do?

J: I am an intern, the first merMAN in the office!! I get to help work on all the cool stuff that we have coming out very soon, and its soooo sooo fun!!!


A&A: What do you love most about working at Ali & Ariel?

J: I love the chemistry that the whole team has. We’re all just one big happy family, and it shows in the work that we do!!!


A&A: Fave Ali & Ariel tee? And why?

J: Definitely the Gucci Alpha Phi tee. Love repping my favorite ladies on campus!


A&A: Tell us a fun fact about yourself! What makes you unique?

J: I can do backflips!! I was a gymnast for almost 13 years!!


A&A: Describe what GRL PWR means to you…

J: To me, Girl Power means knowing who you are and living to your full potential! You can truly do anything you set your mind to!

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