Meet the Mermaids: Naudia

Happy Friday! The Mermaids are excited to wind down this weekend after a week’s worth of fun work! Naudia loves to shop and go to music festivals during her time off! What are you up to?

Meet Naudia, the organization queen of the office, she is one of our hardworking interns!

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A&A: Where are you currently going to school?

N: Arizona State University! I am a marketing major, with a minor in business.


A&A: What is your greek affiliation? Do you hold any positions?

N: I am in Kappa Delta and am very involved! I am Bid Day Chair, Recruitment Day Head (of Sisterhood Round), PR Video Correspondent, Sisterhood Enrichment Team Leader, and Social Chair.


A&A: Where are you from?

N: I grew up in Phoenix, Anchorage (AK), and Las Vegas!


A&A: Any other involvement? (clubs, events, activities, volunteering)

N: I have also been in Adworks, an advertising and marketing club for a year and a half. We partner with different agencies around town to get hands on experience in the marketing industry. Last semester I was a project lead for one of our project partnerships with Lavidge and APS!


A&A: What words do you live by? What’s your favorite quote?

N: “We are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. The future is yours!”


A&A: What are you most passionate about?

N: Exercising and staying active! I am happiest when I live an fit/active lifestyle! I enjoy doing yoga, lifting, or just working out in any form.


A&A: What is your number one beauty staple?

N: Eyebrows!!! If my eyebrows aren’t done, I feel like a complete disaster! I always try to keep my eyebrows on fleek!


A&A: What is your position at Ali&Ariel? What do you do?

N: I am an intern at Ali & Ariel. My position consists of being in charge of product management, marketing, and public relations, but I also help with accounting and daily tasks around the office! Specific job tasks include running the collab program, stockroom, pop-up shops, and managing photoshoots!


A&A: What do you love most about working at Ali & Ariel?

N: I love my coworkers and the work environment so much! We are all a mermaid fam full of acceptance, fun, love, and support. I absolutely love coming in on work days because there isn’t a day I am not laughing and feeling inspired! Okay – but also, everything is PINK!!!!!!


A&A: Fave Ali & Ariel tee? And why?

N: I wear my black and white GRL PWR Kappa Delta shirt ALL the time!!! It is so edgy and versatile, plus who doesn’t love a good black and white graphic tee!


A&A: Tell us a fun fact about yourself! What makes you unique?

N: Growing up, I got to move around A LOT. My dad was in the military so I lived in many different places. I was born in Phoenix but then in second grade my family and I moved to Alaska -Brrrr! After seven and a half years of freezing weather, we finally left to Vegas where I spent majority of high school. I loved living in Vegas, but coming to ASU was by far the best decision ever!


A&A: Describe what GRL PWR means to you…

N: Girl power is all about empowering each other as women and as individuals. Girl power means confidence, charisma, independence, and self determination!!! -Girl power, GIRL YES!!!