Mermaid of October: Brooke!

Happy Monday merbabes! Meet Brooke! This Arizona State angel is making waves and is so passionate about her chapter, sisters and her philanthropy at Pi Beta Phi! Her humor and outgoing personality makes this mermaid SHINE! Keep reading to learn more about Brooke!<3

A&A: What is your favorite quote?
B: “Let it be”

A&A: What makes your sisterhood unique?
B: “I think the genuine personalities we all have. There is no better feeling then having your sisters laugh at your awful jokes and make you feel special everyday!”

A&A: What’s the best thing about being a big sister?

B: “I am going to be a big soon and I am so excited it literally hurts!!”

A&A: What are your Game Day essentials?
B: “My white converse, gold glitter, denim shorts, and of course some cute ASU crops!”

A&A: What does it mean to you to be Mermaid of the Month?

B: “It means that i’m the best me I can be and that I am constantly growing and changing into who I aspire to be!”


We’re seriously OBSESSED with our Mermaids of October! We can’t wait to share more with you!