Mermaid of October: Rachel!


It’s Fri-YAY and we’re so excited to share our second Mermaid of October with you! Rachel is such a sweetheart and loves her big sis! She’s caring and spunky and can’t wait to get a little sis! Ahh, we’re so excited! Get to know Rachel, her sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha, and how she gets game day ready!


A&A: What is your favorite quote?

R: “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” – Estee Lauder


A&A: What makes your sisterhood unique?!

R: “What makes my sisterhood unique is that our chapter is made up of girls who are from so many different backgrounds – we have sisters who are EMS volunteers, have had their collections displayed in our university’s fashion show, been in robotics competitions, record in the studio and much more. One thing that we all have in common is that we stick true to our motto, “Aspire, Seek, Attain”. We are a diverse group of young, ambitious college women who empower each other, especially at a college that is extremely fast-paced and career-oriented.”


A&A: What’s the best thing about being a big sister?

R: “In my sorority, I am not a big sister yet (I will be getting a little this fall!). In my own family, I am a big sister to a younger brother. The best thing about being a big sister is setting a good example and being a role model to my younger sibling. If I make mistakes and have learned from them, I can advise my sibling on what to do/what not to do. I want them to succeed as well and it is great to be able to pass along my knowledge and wisdom. When I receive a little, I will do the same and act as a person she can always come to no matter what.”


A&A: Game day essentials?!

R: “My Game Day essentials are some cute sunglasses, school apparel, my sorority sisters and a bumpin’ playlist!”


We’re totally on board with that bumping’ playlist, Rachel! We’ll be back next week to introduce our last Mermaid of October, Allie!