Onto Her Next Adventure… Farewell to our Intern, Caroline!

It all started one hot and muggy August morning in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was her first day of her senior year and she was kicking it off by starting at her new internship with Ali & Ariel. Fast forward through all of the Instagramming, Pop-Up shops, collabs, giveaways, shipments, and more, her time with us has flown by and is coming to an end today.

Mermaids, meet Caroline!

Ali & Ariel: You just graduated, YAY! What was your degree in and how does it feel to be done with college?

Caroline: First off, it feels SO weird to be done with college. I graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications and Media from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I loved my college experience and really do owe it all to Arizona State and my sorority, Chi Omega. I can’t imagine my college experience any other way.


A&A: What are your post-grad plans?

C: I’m super excited to have the opportunity to travel as a National Consultant for Chi Omega – which means I will be traveling all over the country to help Chi Omega chapters with leadership development, recruitment, risk management, programing, and more! After serving my chapter as President for two years and feeling like I still could give back in some way, it seemed like the perfect transition for me as I enter the real world. I can’t wait to meet sisters from all over the country and give back to an organization that made me a stronger young woman, a better listener, and a problem-solver. I swear there is no better real-life experience than serving on your chapter’s Executive Board. You really learn how to communicate with others, accept other people’s opinions, and work with a team toward a common goal – I can’t wait to use these skills in my new role!


A&A: What is your favorite college memory?

C: Oh gosh, I have so many!! Like I said, I LOVED my college experience. I loved my freshman year and living in the dorms – everyone on my floor was pretty close so I remember we all always looked out for each other and helped each other with homework, studying for finals, and even some nights we all would just bring out pillows and blankets into the hall and all hang out together. Some other fun memories are when my younger sister, Sara, became a Chi O at ASU (YAY!), being slated as President of my sorority, meeting a ton of friends through different philanthropy events, and of course, the date parties! I’m going to miss all of that so much, but it’s definitely fun to look back on and see how much has changed since first coming to ASU.


A&A: What was the best part about working for Ali & Ariel?

C: Where do I even begin?! My coworkers are awesome and so supportive, I get to come in everyday to a creative space, my ideas are really heard here, and I have gotten to (virutally) meet some of the coolest girls ever through my job!


A&A: What is some advice you have for young women?

C: Just go for it! No matter if it’s applying for a dream internship or job, wanting to start something new, or even asking a cute guy in one of your classes to a date party – go for it! Life is too short to wonder “what if”. If it doesn’t work out, there are thousands of other opportunities waiting for you – but, you’d be surprised what a little confidence can do. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but keep in mind that no matter what happens – good or bad –  everything is a learning lesson which is really cool to reflect on later when it’s all said and done.


A&A: Any closing thoughts?

C: I really want our team to know how much they mean to me. Balancing school, a job, and being on exec during your senior year can be stressful and overwhelming at times, but our amazing girl squad was there for me through it all. Seeing how excited they were for me when I got my job with Chi Omega was so cool and really meant so much to me. I will miss our pizza parties, girl talk, creative brainstorming sessions, and spur of the moment photoshoots, but they will always hold a special place in my heart and I’ll be back to visit lots when I’m not traveling. I LOVE YOU GUYS!