Back to College Must Haves!

Happy Tuesday, Merbabes!

The fall semester is in full swing and our interns, Eliza (left) and Sara (right) want to share their back-to-college must-haves! Everything from staying organized to the fun random stuff, we’ve totally got you covered!


Stay Organized

S: My favorite way to stay organized is to use the Stickies feature on my Macbook! I also love to have things written down on a desk calendar and in my planner! Haha, I’m a freak when it comes to staying organized! If you’re like me, then you have to have cute pens to color code everything on your calendar.

E: I am all about the planners and color coordinating! The prettier it looks, the more inclined I am to do it! I think starting your day looking over your planner/calendar prepares you for a productive day! Also, have a backpack with LOADS of pockets! <3


Health Nut

S: I think it’s so important to dedicate time to yourself each day. My favorite thing to do is workout at Orange Theory and then come home and use my oil diffuser! Aaaand… I had to hop on the bandwagon for this one! My Hydro-Flask has totally changed the game! It’s so important to drink water, especially in this HEAT!

E: Making your own food! This has changed the game for me. I pack my lunch and bring it to campus/work everyday and will have a bunch of healthy snacks in my purse. I will also try and stop eating for the day around 7:00pm so my body has time to digest before bed. Lastly, water— loads & loads of water!


Clothes (other than Ali & Ariel tees, duh!)

S: I like to dress comfy but cute for class so I usually go for a pair of denim shorts, a cute tee, and either some cute sandals or comfortable tennies!

E: I love getting dressed up for school. In Middle/High School, this is what sparked my interest in fashion! I will either do a cute dress and sandals or denim shorts and sneakers. I have a serious sneaker obsession!


The FUN stuff!

S: I recently splurged on a JBL Flip4 bluetooth speaker and it was THE best decision ever! It’s been so fun blasting my favorite throwback songs and having a dance party with my roommates!

E: I love to travel! Being an out-of-state student, I love to go see new places and meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds! I have also entered the blogging world so I will spend hours creating content, making lookbooks or going out and taking pictures!

What are YOUR back to college must-haves?! Leave a comment below or tag us on Instagram @ali_and_ariel!