The Daisy Project – Gamma Phi Beta at Cal Poly SLO

In 2008, the Cal Poly SOL Gamma Phi Beta chapter lost a sister and loyal friend, Frances Chang, to suicide. As a tribute and reminder for students, Gamma Phi has created The Daisy Project in Frances’ honor. The Daisy Project is an event where students are welcomed and gather to display 1,100 daisies to represent the 1,100 college student lives lost to suicide a year. It’s an event that has brought the community closer, honored Frances, and started the important conversation of mental health and suicide.

I got a chance to speak with Hannah Barta, the chapter’s philanthropy chair to hear more about The Daisy Project.


“Is this your chapter’s first year doing the Daisy Project?”

Hannah: Gamma Phi adopted the Daisy Project as an annual event 4 years ago. Since, it has become a favorite of our chapters and where we are most engaged with our campus community.


“What was your inspiration for the shirt and why did you choose that design?”

Hannah: I wanted the design to involve the daisies that are featured at the event, and be simple enough to maintain the focus on our message. The back of the T shirt gives a direct mention to Frances, a sister we lost to suicide back in 2008, and is a reminder of the 1100 college students that lose their lives to suicide each year.


“What are your goals for this philanthropy?”

Hannah: Our focus is really to honor our sister France’s legacy by educating our peers on mental health topics, providing information about resources on campus to help, share with others how to help those in crisis and start a conversation to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Talking about mental health disorders is often difficult, but absolutely so important in making sure that people who are experiencing a mental health disorder get the help they need and talk about it with others. Most of all, we want to remind everyone we reach through this event that this life is SO worth living, and to reflect on what happiness means to them.

The team at Ali & Ariel has loved working with Hannah and her amazing chapter to create and be apart of something so incredible! Check out their Instagram, @gammaphibetaslo to keep up with these lovely ladies!