Tips & Tricks for Working From Home

Happy April, Merbabes! We’ve got some tips & tricks to share with you today to make your #WFH experience, even better. 

Let’s Dive In

During times of uncertainty we’ve gotta stick together & remain positive, ladies! We’re hoping you can take each of these tips and tailor them to your situation. So, whether your work means an internship, school work or full-time position, we’re covering the basics in helpful ways to stay organized, energized and productive while at home! 

Update Your Schedule 

Your working days and hours may have changed, a professor or boss might have switched some things around, or your social calendar is different  – nevertheless, it’s time to regroup. Make sure that you’re still in some form of a schedule so your mind and body know when it’s time to chill and time to grind! 

Ensure that you’re carving out time to – 

  1. Have some much needed “you time” – nothing is more important than having a healthy mind <3 
  2. Get your work done – make your superiors aware of what you need in terms of adjustments 
  3. Get a sufficient amount of sleep – this is crucial for productivity, health, and positivity !!
  4. Eat nutritious and substantial meals throughout the day – another necessary part of a successful day !!

Designate, Designate, Designate 

Give yourself some structure. Designate a spot for working – is it your kitchen counter? Your bedroom desk? An outdoor patio? Pick your most productive area and make it your designated work zone! This will set boundaries and give you more motivation. 

Take away the distractions. Designate a few hours in the day where you simply don’t even check your phone. No texting, no Snapchat, no aimlessly scrolling Insta… This will help you to stay engaged and keep you from the overwhelming temptation that is, TikTok. 

Find Your Motivation

Everybody works and learns differently. Right now, motivation can be scarce when you’re surrounded by Netflix, snacks and online shopping but you’ve gotta hone in on what motivates you! 

Do you work better when you’re dressed to impress? If your fit is something that motivates you  – pick out your clothes the night before a day of work! 

Is there a new episode of your fav series? Motivate yourself to finish your work by rewarding yourself with a proper binge after work. 

Need a good soundtrack in the background of your new workspace? Find or create a new playlist that will motivate you during your grind. P.S. we’ve got you covered!

Helpful Hints

Lastly, here are some short and simple things to implement throughout your workday:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Take breaks 
  • Get up and walk around, move your legs, stretch 
  • Over-communicate with your bosses/professors 
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Reward yourself on your successes
  • Turn off your phone 
  • Separate work and leisure
  • Check-in on friends and fam
  • Open your windows, enjoy natural light
  • Rest your eyes 

We’re wishing you success in whatever you’re working on, and we hope that these tips will help you to create an even better WFH experience! We wanna see you thriving – be sure to tag us in all of your WFH pics on Instagram @ali_and_ariel and look out for our quizzes, music recommendations and more! 

Keep pushing! Stay safe and healthy, Merbabes. 



A&A Intern, Delta Gamma at Arizona State