Viva la Juicy Revival

From Top: The Glitter Plan // @urbanoutfitters // Ali & Ariel Winter 2016 Lookbook


By, Ali Matthews

Baby pink tracksuits appeared in my Instagram feed this week. Was I dreaming?! Somebody pinch me. Dear sweet Juicy Couture, it’s you!! My heart literally skipped a beat as I was flooded with nostalgic velour feelings.

(P.S. I need this velvet mini backpack in my life.)

The Juicy Couture for Urban Outfitters revival feels fresh. The color palette is refined. Not a neon in sight. Black, white, bold red, and soft pink add modern appeal. Yet the fabrics, the cuts, and those Old English oversized graphics are pure Juicy. Is the track officially back?!

At Ali & Ariel, we felt the Juicy resurgence coming on strong. Old English was a must for our Winter 2016 Lookbook. We’ve been giddily anticipating a full-force comeback ever since. While those outfits sure were comfy, it’s the graphics and cheeky phrases that excite us the most.

Side note, did Old English really ever die? I consider it a classic, especially in the collegiate universe. Hello, composite pics & diplomas!

To me, Juicy is one of the magical brands that inspired my career & visual aesthetic to this day. The tracksuit was my college uniform (aside from sorority shirts… which weren’t too cute back then, hence why we’re here). Those tracksuits sure weren’t cheap; finding one on a sale rack was SO satisfying. Juicy set the tone for my first brand of sorority gear back in 2008. From styling to marketing, they were the epitome of girly retail cool. Unapologetically decadent. Basically, they were everything.

My love of all things Juicy grew to new heights once I learned the story behind the brand. Of all the girl-powered fashion companies out there, their journey resonates with me the most. They dreamed of creating “the great American girly brand.” I believe they achieved that, and paved the way.

Juicy’s founders, Pam & Gela, are the real deal. Their book, “The Glitter Plan,” is my absolute favorite in this genre. This book isn’t just for fashionistas; it’s for anyone in pursuit of turning their idea into a fairy tale. These ladies are made of glitter. Best friends and creative souls, who set out to turn $200 into an iconic fashion lifestyle. Two hundred dollars! That takes some serious guts… and grit.

As Pam quoted, “I recently read that 80 percent of small businesses fail. It didn’t even occur to me that we could fail.”

Failure didn’t even occur to them. Fearless!

If you’re looking for an inspiring read, this one’s a winner. I fiercely admire these two, and the empire they created with a labor of love. They endured the ups and downs. While they sold Juicy in 2003, this duo is still at it. Their new label, Pam & Gela, offers a new mood of California cool. They’re business sisters/BFFs for life.

Pam & Gela, you’re my heroes. (Actually, you’re my heroines.) Juicy is forever my muse.

Viva la American dream. Viva la Juicy.