WC: Mermaid of the Month, Savannah!

Merbabes, meet Savannah! She is SO ready for Bid Day and loves her Chi Omega sisterhood at Arizona State University! Want to know what makes her so unique? Keep reading… 🙂

A&A: What’s your favorite quote?

S: “Taking care of business” -Elvis Presley

A&A: What makes your sisterhood unique?

S: My sisters constantly encourage me to be a better version of myself. They encourage me to be more involved in Chi Omega, Arizona State, our community, my faith, and my career! I’m about to be a senior and because I knew these girls- I have changed for the better!

A&A: What does it mean to you to be a Mermaid of the Month?!

S: Mermaids have been known for a long time as mythical creatures. Ali & Ariel has brought them to life and shown women that anyone can be a mermaid! If I can be a mermaid, I can be anything. I can be president of my organization, I can get an A on my final, I can run the world. Being Mermaid of the Month is being an example of girl power for other women and sharing with other women that the future IS female!

A&A: What’s your current must have beauty product?!

S: I use this micellar water to either take my makeup off or after washing my face! I love that it’s so gentle and definitely one of my must-haves in this crazy heat!

Our August Mermaids are FIN-tastic and we can’t wait for you to get to our September Mermaids starting next week!