#WCW: Alexis Ren Gets Real

[Photo: @alexisren]

According to Instagram, everyone is perfect. The perfect life. The dream body. #Blessed.


Yeah, right. Our #WCW this week goes to model Alexis Ren for her recent decision to vocalize her personal struggles. She’s idolized by millions of fans across the world… and guess what? She’s human, just like the rest of us. She knows that comparison is the thief of joy. Now, she’s taking the brave step of sharing her story.

Check out her article by Elizabeth Narins (Senior Fitness and Health Editor of Cosmopolitan) here. We sure felt inspired. Honor the power of vulnerability. Come together in support of one another. While nobody is perfect, recognizing that we’re all fighting our own battles certainly makes this world a more beautiful place. It’s SO refreshing to get real.


Here’s what our intern, Sara, thought of Alexis’ story:

“I loved this article. I think it’s an important message for girls and young women!

One of my favorite phrases that I always turn to is, “happiness is homemade”. It’s a reminder that we are in control of our happiness. Each individuals’ happiness doesn’t have to depend on other people, hardships we may face, or negative emotions we feel. This quote gives us power to face a negative situation head on and turn it into fuel that can help us overcome it. I think Alexis also relates to this mindset of letting go of the negative people and putting all of her energy into changing her life for herself. You have to love yourself before anything else can follow!”


Read her article here and share your thoughts with us!

Keep it up & keep it real, mermaids.