#WCW: Holistic Health Coach, Yareli Quintana


She’s a breath of fresh air, but an entire oxygen tank of new perspective. She is a living example that passion, positivity, and purified remedies are the solution to any of life’s ailments- physical or not. She has inspired us all to think less, and live more—in the most natural, human way possible. Her love for people and determination to make a difference truly shines- igniting compassion in those she meets.

There are people in this world who come into your life for an inch of time, but create a mile of impact. The type of person whose presence, energy, and positive vibes are so strong, you can’t help but ask what they eat for breakfast each morning. And one conversation leaves you inspired for a lifetime. Meet Yareli, our current obsession and healthy lifestyle advocate.


AA: What inspired you to be a Holistic Health Coach?

I was inspired to become a Holistic Health Coach after I experienced my own health and lifestyle transformation a few years ago.

Before I was a coach, I was a media, marketing, and PR professional who managed to build what most would consider to be a successful career. I started as an assistant, worked to become a Managing Director of a boutique firm, and later launched my own consultancy. I never imagined I would accomplish this so early in my career, but I was excited so I kept pushing forward.

Although most of my time was dedicated to my work, I loved to incorporate healthy activities into my day. I practiced Bikram yoga regularly, did a lot of hiking and kayaking, and loved cooking healthy meals. I did what I could to feel my best, but it didn’t seem to always work. I started to feel lost. It didn’t make sense.

After a lot of reflection, I realized what I failed to see over the course of those 10 years: I was working tirelessly to live up to someone else’s measure of success, and somehow lost a big part of myself in the process.

I knew this had to change. I wanted to be healthier, happier and more fulfilled. I needed to find my purpose.

I realigned my priorities and decided that Love would guide my way. From that point forward every loving choice, thought, and action, day-by-day, helped me find my authentic self again. Finally I was living a life I loved! Empowered and inspired, I knew what I had to do next.

I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and trained at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach and receive the necessary training to turn my purpose into my new career. It was important to me to learn the science and find evidence to support my new lifestyle principles and teachings.

Today, as a coach, speaker, and media correspondent, I help women reignite the loving light within and achieve their unique emotional, physical, and spiritual goals.

It’s no longer about me and my aspirations, it’s now about teaching a new generation of young, strong, and talented women how to navigate the complicated world of diet and nutrition and maximize their talents, so they can also lead a life they absolutely love!

Although it was my personal transformation that initially inspired me to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I am far more inspired by the beautiful women I am privileged to know, learn from, guide, and coach.


AA: How do you measure success?

I believe true success is measured from within.

Now I’ll be honest, like most women, I’m a fan of beautiful shoes, fancy dinners, beach-front properties, and all the other luxuries life has to offer, but I don’t believe that measures success.

Success to me shows up when we least expect it. It’s living happy in your own skin, fearlessly following your heart, confidently standing by your beliefs, having peace-of-mind, or living as your authentic self.

Success to me shows up in our lives as acceptance, joy, self-love, compassion, and trust.


AA: What is your best piece of advice for young women?

My best piece of advice for young women is to practice Love and release meaningless self-judgment and fear.

When you make the commitment to love yourself, do what you love, give love, and radiate love around you, you allow every choice, thought, and action in your day to guide you towards your fullest potential.

This continued practice helps you evolve mentally, physically, and spiritually while empowering you to improve your health, relationships, career, and accept yourself for who you really are.

You should also be proactive with regard to taking control of your own health. Attend regular checkups with a Dentist in Manchester or wherever you might live to make sure that your teeth are in excellent shape, eat a balanced diet to nourish your body, and find a workout regime that works for you and your lifestyle so that you can stay fit.


AA: What are the 3 character traits you value most in someone else?

I admire fearlessness, compassion, and leadership.


AA: What is your number one beauty staple?

My number one beauty staple is meditation! It’s a tool that works from the inside out!

Meditation helps me look and feel beautiful by getting to the root of what causes my beauty troubles. Like stress, lack of sleep, insecurity, or mindless habits. Thanks to meditation I have lost 20 pounds, have healthier skin, have increased my energy levels, and have learned to glow from the inside out!

I smile bigger, feel lighter, and can finally embrace both my inner and outer beauty without any hesitation and without any fear.

Additional beauty staples that I swear by: a warm cup of water first thing in the morning to boost metabolism and gently cleanse the body; coconut oil for oil pulling, teeth whitening, body moisturizer, eye makeup recover, and cooking; finally, Bikram yoga for a 90 minute moving meditation and whole body workout that helps keep you holistically fit.