#WCW: Meet Alex

Sail away with this mermaid! Alex, a Delta Gamma at Arizona State University is all about girl power and being adventurous! Her love for all things sisterhood and recruitment inspires us! Keep reading to learn all about Alex! <3

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A&A: What’s your favorite quote?

 A: “In a world of talkers, be a thinker and a doer.” Instead of being a talker and boasting about things, being a thinker and a doer means you go out into the world and think what you will do and succeed and then actually do it.

A&A: What makes your sisterhood unique? 

A: Where do I even begin with the sisterhood of the Gamma Phi chapter of Delta Gamma here at Arizona State University? How about how seriously we take this statement, “The objects of this Fraternity shall be to foster high ideals of friendship among women.” This statement is from Delta Gamma’s Article II, and within my sisterhood, in Gamma Phi we put a great emphasis on this a strive to meet this quality. I’ve never met a group of women who so fiercely support one another, care for each other, and raise one another up as the ones within my chapter. It shows within small gestures that are pretty common, like driving or picking someone up from the airport, sending good vibes to girls going through breakups, or sitting next to a sister in the same class as you. But, it also shows in the moments where girls volunteer to take their sister in need to the hospital because she doesn’t have a car and is out of state. It shows when girls go on a manhunt for a sister because the last time they heard from her she was broken down on the side of the road and her phone battery was low. It shows when sisters open up their homes and families during holidays to those who can’t afford to go home.Because of how hard my chapter worked on our sisterhood, it actually resulted in us winning chapter of the year for 2016 at ASU. A chapter that was so broken and hopeless in the beginning due to our status with our Executive offices rose above the odds and put their all into their sisterhood and won not only won chapter of the year but the Phoenix Award, a symbol of rising from the ashes like the mythical creature. When my chapter won this award at the Greek awards ceremony, we wept. We screamed and cried because it was finally a sign and symbol that our hard work on our sisterhood had paid off (seriously ask Ali, she was there). Soon after receiving this award our chapter was removed from probation, which of course resulted in more screaming and crying.

My sisterhood is unique because it is STRONG! It’s strong enough to go through hell and back and arrive on the other end stronger and better than ever. My sisterhood is unique because we care so much about one another and about our friendships and sisterhood so much that we fought hard to keep the thing that brought us all together alive. I’ve never experienced a sisterhood or force like this in my entire life, so I would call that pretty darn unique.


A&A: What does it mean to you to be a Mermaid of the Month? 

A: What becoming a Mermaid of the Month means to me is representing something much, much larger than myself. I would be representing your company, which promotes unity among Greek life organizations, being a strong woman who follows her dreams and does anything she wants to as long as she puts her mind to it. It represents working hard, but also having time to be colorful, creative, and maybe chillin’ on the beach. It represents being a woman who empowers others (empowered women empower women, am I right?) with positive words, influences and actions and loving one another like a sister. It also means representing not only the Panhellenic community but the entire Greek community through those ideals and aspirations.

On a more personal note, I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid. Ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with mermaids. Heck, my own bedroom had “she sells seashells by the seashore,” lining the walls. Of course, back then it meant being a mythical creature, but you guys have changed that meaning for me. Now, being a mermaid to me means being a strong, driven woman. It means continuing on even when the times get tough. It means nurturing my childish heart and creativity with positivity and love towards life and others, and maybe some pastel pink and bright colors along the way. Creativity has a very strong place in my heart, and I go through the world fighting to keep it within my daily life whether it be through art, makeup, clothing, work, really anything I can put a creative touch to. I love Ali & Ariel’s creativity, and I would love to represent that!!


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