#WCW: Meet Cassie! August Mermaid of the Month!

Happy #WCW Merbabes! We’re so excited for you to meet our #WCW this week! Meet Cassie! She’s a Sun Devil from our own state but the sweetest mermaid you will meet! Her involvement in her chapter, Alpha Gamma Delta, is beyond inspiring & not to mention her adorable personality and contagious smile! We have fallen in love with this AGD and we know you will too–keep reading!


A&A: What makes your sisterhood unique?!

C: “My sisterhood is unique because there is so much diversity within our chapter. There are no two girls the same but we all work so well together. Every time I walk into a room with my sisters I am pushed to be my best, and I am challenged. I see so many other girls that are great examples of people who I would like to become. Our sisterhood is one of a kind. As sisters, we are very real people. Rarely do I see a group of so many women that can be so real with each other. My sisters are down to earth and really love to love others and are so passionate about what they do and who they are around. One saying that we go by is “Live with purpose” and I truly see these woman living with a greater purpose in life to change the world.”


A&A: What does it mean to you to be a Mermaid of the Month?!

C: “To be Mermaid of the Month means to represent what I am passionate about. A quote that my sorority has branded is “Inspire the woman, impact the world” and I believe that inspiring woman will be able to impact the world. Being Mermaid of the Month means that I will be able to reach more women and the more that I can impact the world.”


To all of our Merbabes at Arizona State, we wish lots of good vibes this weekend as you start Recruitment!