#WCW Mermaid at Heart, Shelby Stewart

We’re super excited about this week’s #WCW because it is all about this sweet and sassy DZ, Shelby! This gorgeous Mermaid at Heart is a Special Education major at the University of Tennessee and a sister of Delta Zeta. She is super passionate about her future career in special education – which we love and admire so much! Her style is amazing (I mean, just look how she styled our New Year, Who Dis? tee), her thirst for adventure is exciting, she is smart, and her heart is so kind and beautiful. We know you’ll love her just as much as we do. Mermaids, meet Shelby!

Q. What does sisterhood mean to you?

A. Sisterhood to me means always having a huge support system. Knowing that if you are fearful and unaware of what to do, your sisters are someone that will be there with a helping hand.

Q. What are you most passionate about?

A. I extremely passionate about children with disabilities and helping them pave their way to a successful future. I hope to become a teacher in this field after graduation and make as big of a difference as I can in each student I work with.

Q. What’s your #1 style essential?

A. My number one style essential would have to be a choker. Almost any given day you can find me with some sort of choker around my neck. Whether it is something super dainty, thick black and velvet, or anything with a unique stone, chokers are my go-to.

Q. What’s your favorite part of your college town?

A. My favorite part of my college town is that you can’t go 5 miles without finding a cool coffee shop, trendy boutique, and gorgeous scenery. Every weekend my roommate and I go out looking for new hot spot to try. We never run out of thing to try and places to go. Knoxville is continuously growing.

Q. Describe your campus style.

A. I would describe my campus style as shabby chic. Like any other Greek woman, I enjoy wearing my oversized frocket, leggings, and Bikrenstocks. But I do try my best to make myself look somewhat presentable and not so much like I just rolled out of bed. On days where I do try a little harder to look presentable to my classmates, I just do a very natural everyday makeup look while trying my best to dress up my sorority tee.

Q. What’s the best advice someone has ever given you and why?

A. The best advice anyone has given me is to believe and you will achieve. I find that in life if you are confident in yourself and your abilities you are more likely to go after the things you want.  No matter what always be your own biggest fan and the sky is the limit!