#WCW: Meet MacKenzie, August Mermaid of the Month


Hey merbabes! Meet MacKenzie, a Kappa Alpha Theta from Clemson University. She’s FIN-tastic and fun, and she’s one of our August Mermaids of the Month. Let’s dive in!


A&A: What’s your favorite quote?

M: “Let the light inside of you shine brighter than the light shining on you”


A&A: What makes your sisterhood unique?!

M: My sisterhood is unique because it is a huge mixture of different personalities. My sisterhood isn’t just one type of person represented in different ways but a collection of unique people that find common ground in a sisterhood that we all love!


A&A: What does it mean to you to be a Mermaid of the Month?!

M: It would mean being able to support and represent an incredible brand and be supported by a inspiring group of women, while at the same time being able to represent my school and my sorority in a positive environment!


A&A: What’s your must-have beauty product at the moment?!

M: My current must-have is Jergen’s Natural Glow tanning lotion! It helps maintain my tan all summer long!


Sara and Eliza have also been loving MacKenzie’s favorite tanning lotion! I guess mermaids do think alike 😉 Stay tuned for more Mermaid of the Month posts and if you’re interested in being a Mermaid of the Month, apply here!