#WCW- Pepperdine Theta, Brooke Zielinski

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Meet our favorite form of living sunshine, Brooke Zielinski. From running endless rounds of Recruitment, to running through creative ideas with our stylist team…we love this motivated mermaid! Her enthusiasm, kindness, and leadership are just a few of her crush-worthy qualities.

This beach babe has all the good vibes – we adore the loyalty she has for her sisters and her passion for being Recruitment Chair (two years strong!). The ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta at Pepperdine University are in some of the best hands we’ve seen! Her positivity and appreciation for life’s little moments has continued to inspire us daily – she truly glows. We’d love to share some of her organic sunshine with the rest of you!


AA: What does sisterhood mean to you? What have you learned from being in a sorority?

To me, sisterhood means unconditional love.  It means developing genuine, fun, and lasting friendships with the girls in my sorority.  These are the girls who will wake up at 4am for sunrise beach trips, fly across the country to be in the Recruitment video, and surprise you with concert tickets.  More importantly, these are the girls I can do absolutely nothing with and still have the best time; the girls who won’t judge me for eating a tub of cookie dough after a stressful night of recruitment, they’ll be right there with me, spoon in hand; the girls who will have my back and appreciate our friendship each and everyday.  I have learned just how important it is to invest in your relationships.  True happiness can only be shared with other people.


AA: What inspired your design ideas, and what has been your favorite part about working with Ali & Ariel?

Living in Malibu has been a great inspiration for my design ideas.  I have based these past two Recruitment themes on living in Malibu with my Theta sisters.  Obviously, none of these designs would have been possible without Ali & Ariel! These women have been so kind, creative, and motivating- they are an absolute joy to work with and make the design process so enjoyable! I cannot express how much I appreciate them.


AA: What is your best piece of advice for young women?

Never stop working to improve yourself and doing things to take care of yourself.  For college women especially, we are pulled in so many directions and it can be incredibly hard to maintain a healthy balance and stay true to who we are.  We feel pressured to do well in all of our classes, get involved around campus, find a job/internship, go out with friends, and somehow maintain sanity!  It is so important to be intentional about taking time for yourself, because everything else in your life will be better when you do.  This might mean going for a run in the morning, writing in a journal, getting enough sleep, or taking the time to call your mom.  There is so much value in these little things and they truly add up to a full life.


AA: What are the 3 character traits you value most in someone else?

 Being genuine, ambitious, and selfless.


AA: What is your number one beauty staple?

The MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot changes the eye shadow game and saves lives!  “Chilled on ice” is my favorite.