#WCW : UC Davis Delta Gamma, Sabrina Dunn


Allow us to introduce one of our favorite, Bid Day babes & mermaid mastermind. Not only did she help create a successful recruitment for her chapter, but UC Davis’ Delta Gamma hosted an “Under the Sea” themed Bid Day celebration. Congratulations to all of the incoming new members – it’s no sea-cret, choosing a sisterhood will be one of the best decisions you ever make! Talk about mermaid moment of the year.

With hard-work, dedication, and a flip of our tails, a vision was born. Sabrina and the Ali & Ariel team designed a sea of pastel-colored creations, until finally narrowing it down to the most mermaid of all. Complete with holographic scales. And yes, you heard that right.

Check out our exclusive interview, and meet the doll behind it all – Sabrina Dunn.


AA: What does sisterhood mean to you? What have you learned from being in a sorority?

I am lucky to have a unique set of sisters with different skills, personalities, and personal experiences. The women I call sisters have helped to grow me as an individual and have fostered my excitement for embracing new things. They have taught me to work hard and give everything you have to what you choose to be a part of, but to have the balance to know when to prioritize yourself above all else. And I am privileged to have had a wonderful support system with me every step of the way. Overall, it has meant a way for me to become the most developed version of myself that I can be!


AA: What inspired your design ideas, and what has been your favorite part about working with Ali & Ariel?

At the end of last year, our chapter started brainstorming Bid Day ideas and the one that stuck was “Under the Sea”. After doing some research, I found the Ali & Ariel website and felt like I had hit the jackpot! A shirt company who is run by sorority women that love mermaids? It was serendipity. Bless that I did find them because these ladies were nothing but helpful and patient with me as I struggled through trying to design a shirt that would make 150 women happy. Even better, was the enthusiasm they had for our design and the dedication to helping me reach an end product that I loved. It felt super personal because they were as invested in the shirt as I was.  After about 40 emails and two phone calls, we had the most incredible bid day shirts and they pushed our bid day over the top.


AA: What is your best piece of advice for young women?

Girls tear each other down; women empower one another. Even if you do not personally identify with the way another woman is living her life, it does not mean that you should demean her and judge her choices. There’s enough negativity in the world, so choose to not be a part of it. It is a powerful thing when women stick up for one another. Essentially, learn to appreciate the differences in others and respect their right to make their own life path! If you give them the chance to explain, you may even learn something new.


AA: What are the 3 character traits you value most in someone else?

My highest value is empathy. People are not usually open books, so there’s no way to tell what is happening in their life past the typical, “How are you doing”.  It takes effort and take time to understand people and where they are coming from, but it means you can find a deeper connection with someone and can possibly make them feel more understood and appreciated.

My secondary value would be individuality/weirdness. I love it when people are somewhat hard to put a finger on and keep you guessing! We all have our own set of traits that make us distinct and I love the minute intricacies of people’s personalities.

And finally, I value persistence. People who set their sights on something and work hard until they accomplish what they intended. “If at first you don’t succeed; Try, try, try again,” Type of people.


AA: What is your number one beauty staple?

I swear by coconut oil! I use it to alleviate split ends, to soften my skin, and as tanning oil. If you have trouble with frizzy ends, put coconut oil on and leave it over night.  It may be greasy for a day but the after effect is WORTH IT.