diy: jar of superpowers

In honor of the love of our life, authenticity, we’ve created a fabulous DIY project that will leave you feeling extra confident on those days that you need it.

This won’t take you long—consider it the “appetizer” of crafts. However, it’s more filling than most pre-meal snacks; it’s definitely not French style hors d’oeuvre status. When you’re hungry for approval, this will satisfy your human nature calling. Pen, meet paper. Paper, meet scissors. And well–heart, meet happiness.

Take 5 minutes one day to sit down and write all of the things you are. All the things you love about yourself. All your favorite character traits—from “I make excellent coffee” to “I am powerful” to “I have great eyebrows”. Think of the details. There’s always more to be said.

A few reminders that should be on your list:

“I am strong.”

“I am unique.”

“I am proud of who I am.”

“I am fearless.”

“I am one in a million.”

After writing all of your traits, put them in a jar. Close the lid and keep it next to your bed. When you need a reminder, pull one piece of paper out. Read it out loud.

Now, go show the world what happens when a woman is reminded of her superpowers.