roses are red

By, Ali Matthews 

originally posted February 12, 2017 

It’s Valentine’s Day! I love this holiday. Roses, love notes, chocolate… who doesn’t love a box of chocolates? Go shopping at Target, and you’ll find pretty pink accessories adorned with hearts galore (have you SEEN their $1 section?!)

While these are all lovely things, they’re exactly that. “Things.”

This past year, the topic of love has been my biggest learning lesson. Holy moly, this is my first Valentine’s Day being single in a long time. Instead of feeling out of my comfort zone, I’ve chosen a new attitude. You know what? None of those “things” matter. Nope, not one bit. Whether you’re single or coupled up, there’s a certain type of love that could use a bit more TLC. Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Go look in the mirror. See that person in the reflection?

Yeah, I’m talking to you.

I’m celebrating Cupid full force this year. My aim is true. Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning when the love is directed right back at you.

Love yourself.

When was the last time you celebrated YOU? Learning to love yourself is a journey. Your quirks, your dimples, your beautiful mind. You are perfectly imperfect. (Hint: we all are!)

Last year around this time, I thought I loved myself. Looking back, I was just beginning to understand what “love” really meant. I’m still learning. And, I’ve got a lifetime ahead to learn more lessons in love. (How cool is it that we don’t know it all? Embracing that right there is a big step.)

Self love is a constant work in progress. After all, we are works in progress… works of art. You’ve gotta show yourself the love EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It starts with loving yourself. Loving you for you. Nothing selfish about it. In fact, once we learn to love ourselves, we’re able to give so much more love to those around us. You know your worth, and surround yourself with those who genuinely love you in return.

You are solid gold, baby.

It gets better. You find yourself doing what you love, too. When you do what you love, you’re happy. You shine. Does this impact those around you? You betcha.

Could learning to love ourselves first be the key to making this world a better place? Why not?!

My journey of self-love makes me fall even more in love with what I do each day. The creativity, the cool people we get to work with (i.e. you)… I’m so grateful. I’m in love with life, and learning to love myself more each step of the way.

When it comes to falling in love, have no fear. Now, go look in the mirror, and tell that person “I love you.” Say it like you mean it. Say it until you believe it.

After all, the only “thing” you need is love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, mermaids! xoxo