recruitment rainbow 🌈

Anyone who says “life’s not all sunshine and rainbows”, has certainly never spent time in a creative setting. And for anyone who thinks that being “fashionably late” is ever a trend, has definitely never created an entire clothing line or Recruitment Package.

With summer in full swing, it’s time to splash around in some creativity! Recruitment season starts at the end of this three month heat wave- no time to waste! Dive into your sketchbook or Pinterest–you never know where your ideas can lead. Some of our best and most popular designs started as a mindless doodle-turned-masterpiece.

For some of you, the end of the school year means time off– for your sorority’s Recruitment Team, it’s anything but. Preparing for a successful Recruitment includes allowing us, here at Ali & Ariel, to take matters into our own hands. Gather your inspiration, point us in the direction, and show us the vision you have in mind– we love watching your mind at work! It doesn’t take much, to find art in all that you do.

We’d love to share our sunshine– but YOU provide the rainbows!

xoxo, The Mermaids


originally posted May 17, 2016