greek apparel made just for you

So, you just hit “submit” to our online custom orders forum. Now what happens? The answer is magic.

We read every form you submit and every request. Believe it or not, there’s a bunch of mermaids on the other side of this web browser who can’t wait to start creating something with you! Once we receive your cyber inquiry, a personal stylist is assigned to handle each client on a personal basis. We will be contacting you within 24 hours. Our stylists have creative backgrounds, personal swag, and a whole lot of charisma for what they do! Rest assured, after hitting “submit” you are in excellent hands.

We were once in your shoes. Our office is full of trend inspiration, teamwork, and alumnae from different chapters. We are women who understand what it’s like to be on the other side. After all, it’s one of the reasons we’ve come to master the art of Greek Apparel! We make it our priority to understand your specific organization and customize products based on your chapter’s needs.

We want to know you. Your concerns are OUR concerns. Working with women is something we enjoy- we encourage uniqueness and do everything in our power to help our clients embrace their differences. Our stylists want to fully understand the vision you have in mind- the more information you can provide to us, the better! The best part about the creative process, is getting to know someone throughout the duration. We want to hear your ideas! Show us your inspirations, and we will provide our personal, creative input. Let’s create something together– and more often than not, inspire each other along the way!

Every body shape is beautiful. We are an office full of women in all shapes and sizes! We have an appreciation and eye for how different apparel styles fit- and we are here to make sure that the product you receive and wear leaves you feeling confident, beautiful, and basically Beyoncé (because you are)!

If your deadline can be met, we will insure you receive your products accordingly! Standard production time for most custom apparel is 10 days. Our shipping method is extremely reliable, and our stylists will be sure to communicate the expected delivery date on a case by case basis. We promise to communicate diligently and satisfy your needs in the best way we can.

We understand the importance of both personal and allocated chapter budgets. After communicating the vision you have in mind, our stylists will work to insure you’ve seen every option and alternative, based on your financial needs. There is a solution to everything. Be open and honest- we are here to help and problem solve!

Your stylist is here to walk you through this process. We understand that this is something not everyone is a pro at, and we love new faces! Creating a custom product is fun and exciting, not stressful- we are here to provide reassurance! Holding a position within your chapter is something that should be recognized and encouraged- it takes courage to accept the responsibility as your sorority’s head fashionista. But to be in that role simply proves your sisters have faith in you. And we certainly believe in you too!

Tell us about your experience! After receiving your final products, it doesn’t have to end there! Our stylists would love to hear about your event and see your products live in action- send us photos and let us know! We absolutely love hearing from you, and your personal stylist is there whenever you need her in the future. Sisterhood is amazing to watch, and even more incredible to be a part of.

Thank you for joining ours. 

xoxo, The Mermaids


originally posted May 9, 2016