eat glitter for breakfast

Good Morning & Happy Monday, Mermaids! Today marks the beginning of the first full week over at Ali & Ariel, and we couldn’t be more excited for the adventures ahead!

Wake up and start the day with a beautiful mindset, a positive attitude, and motivation to create something incredible out of these next 24 hours. Mondays don’t have to be a drag—they begin, like clock-work, whether you enjoy them or not. They set the precedent for your week. A successful day leads to a successful night of rest—which leads to another productive day. Before you know it, you’ve created an incredible week, which becomes the life you love! And “today” sounds a lot better than “someday”. Each day is a choice—always choose glitter! Never let anyone or anything dull your sparkle. Or your inner Mermaid.

A few of our favorite morning habits are:

  1. Wake up early! Create a morning playlist you enjoy—make the length of this playlist correspond with when you wake up and when you need to hit the road! This is an easy way to monitor your primping time—when the last song comes on, it’s time to finish up. Stop fixing! You look beautiful!
  2. There’s always enough time for coffee. Give yourself enough time to sip in leisure- the less you rush, the less anxious you’ll be!
  3. Form a list of your priorities! It always feels great to check off your activities as needed. You will feel incredibly accomplished at the end of the day when you see a list of everything you tackled!
  4. Have a bowl of glitter for breakfast—not literally, please. Make the conscious decision to have an amazing day! To inspire someone. To create something. To treat yourself.

So get after today, fellow Mermaids! You are beautiful, don’t look in the mirror before you head out. Whatever decision you made this morning, will shine right on through. Girl, you glow.

We predict a LOT of glitter on today’s forecast.

xoxo, The Mermaids


originally posted May 2, 2016