who we are

We here at Ali & Ariel are quite an eclectic and adventurous group of mermaids. We are a group that sees oppor-tuna-ty in every crusted cave. We have more fin. Please, no crabs allowed… we never get salty. Welcome to our creative waters!

We believe in the bravery of expressing imagination. We believe in the power of sisterhood. We believe in empowering women to be the most fearless version of themselves. We believe in the courage it takes to stand strong with authenticity. We believe in your vision and the beauty of individuality. We believe in you. And we do it all while splashing in fashion and setting trends.

If you take a look at the myth about mermaids, you’d realize we have a lot in common- probably much more than you think.

You could say that the majority of this planet either doesn’t believe mermaids exist or underestimates their value, yet we continue to be inspired by their effect. They trigger a spirit within us that’s both fearless & free. That’s the magic of mermaids - they’ve never had to prove anything to be enough.

And well, that’s the thing about you, too. You are absolutely, positively, undeniably enough. You are magic. Mermaids DO exist… and their magic lives within you.

So, water you waiting for? We welcome you to your new lagoon!

xoxo, The Mermaids


originally posted April 29, 2016