kappa alpha theta grand convention

They say that love isn’t love until it’s given away. Putting passion behind everything we do is a reward in itself. At Ali & Ariel, we believe in empowering young women to be themselves– while fearlessly pursuing the oceans of their imagination. We live for the opportunity to go above and beyond the creative or customer service expectations. There’s always another inch to go, even beyond that extra mile.

The Ali & Ariel team was recently given the amazing opportunity to host a pop-up shop at this year’s Theta Grand Convention, hosted in Phoenix. Have you ever seen a mermaid pop-up shop?! Without blowing our own bubbles, it’s safe to say our mermaid lagoon made a splash debut from under the sea. Theta-land was the adventure of a lifetime!

Three members of our team graduated from the same Theta chapter at Arizona State University, including our very own Founder, Ali Matthews—proving that sisterhood truly lasts a lifetime. Attending Theta Convention in itself was a true honor. As we recently discovered, mermaids do cry—with joy, excitement, and appreciation. With gratitude. And with acknowledgement of how powerful the bonds of sisterhood can unite us all.

Weeks of hard work and preparation turned into an experience with memories to last a lifetime. There’s an immense power that comes with gathering roughly 1,000 women from across the country, who share a common bond. Women who have chosen to unite under the sole circumstance of tradition, sisterhood, and love for one another. Kappa Alpha Theta will always be a special part of our company’s foundation– as a dear reminder of why we began our journey as female advocates in the Greek apparel industry.

“In recent years, this journey evolved into something much greater for me personally. Not only is this about stylish Greek apparel– it’s about empowering women. It’s about love. Loving yourself for who you are, loving your sisters who stand by your side, and putting love into all that you do. We are in this journey together as womankind. My sense of purpose is passionately ignited, come alive through Ali & Ariel. Ariel (like the mermaid) is magical. She’s you, she’s me, empowering women to be anything they want to be. Her magic lives within each of us.”
-Ali Matthews, Founder and President of Ali & Ariel (pictured below)

We were in awe as we watched friends with decades of loyalty, memories, and love for one another unite at Convention. One member of a dynamic BFF duo shared the experience she had while shopping with us mermaids!

“The whole vibe from your pop-up was one of energy, confidence, and quality, and your clothing was different from what we see everywhere else.  It was fresh, appealing to all ages, and really showed an intimate connection with the love of sisterhood as opposed to so much of the mass-production, impersonal sorority/Greek apparel that’s out there.  Fantastic work.  You can tell that you have poured your love into your business — Ali & Ariel is pure magic.”

-Lisa Olney, Delta Epsilon/Arizona State University

 Thank you, Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, for the special privilege of attending Grand Convention in our home state this year. And, thank you to our sisterhood of womankind for inspiring us to pour love into all that we do each day. YOU are the reason we’re here!


xoxo, The Mermaids

originally posted July 11, 2016