one tee, three ways

We all have that one t-shirt we wear five days in a row, styling it differently in hopes that no one notices. Put it on, take it off. Put it on again, douse in body mist. The bra slowly becomes optional. Repeat.

And then, for whatever reason, we pack for a weekend vacay and suddenly think that we need 47 different t-shirt options– complete with separate bra, bralette, or bandeau combinations. We all do it.

Well, we found the perfect solution for either scenario. Or maybe we just found the perfect tee.

Our Future is Female Tee is one of our absolute favs—it can be styled up or down. It’s so much more than a basic white t-shirt– it speaks for itself (literally). We’ve found a handful of different outfit combinations that work with just about anyone’s personal style preferences.

Whether you’re skipping to class in a floral skirt, or slaying the scene in a vampy lip and jeans…we’ve decided that this tee is your newest style staple. Femmes, meet your future closet must-have.

xoxo, The Mermaids
originally posted August 9, 2016