#wcw: pepperdine delta gamma, ayesha diatta

With great charisma, wit, and a positive attitude to match, Ayesha Diatta is the real deal. Her powerful personality certainly packs a punch. She stresses the importance of staying true to the woman you are, no matter what people think.

From challenging herself daily, to giving back to her chapter… all the way down to her signature cherry chapstick– this girl lives, and breathes a life of authenticity. We admire this genuine gem. Meet Ayesha, the sassy young thang who stole our hearts. Keep on keepin’ it real, girl! We adore you!

AA: What does sisterhood mean to you? What have you learned from being in a sorority?

Sisterhood means growth. By that I mean, becoming a member of Delta Gamma meant growing into a community of women and learning to be a part of something bigger than myself. It also meant growing into who I was as a person and sharing that with my sisters. Every girl in DG is completely different from the next and I quickly realized there’s no such thing as a typical “DG”, no one girl to mold yourself after. DG is about embracing who you are as a person and being celebrated for it. (Sorry if this turned into a mumbling love rant)

Since being in a sorority, I’ve learned the power the bonds of friendship can have. I can count on these girls for just about anything. We’ve been through a lot and made it to the other side every single time. Its great knowing you have a hundred different women you can turn to at any point and cry with, laugh with, confide in and find yourself in. I think that’s truly special.

AA: What inspired your design ideas, and what has been your favorite part about working with Ali & Ariel?

I loved how Ali & Ariel is a completely new, fun take on Greek Apparel. I remember first scrolling through the site and thinking “ Oh Wow! I would wear these pieces on a daily basis, not just at school or during philanthropy events. I also took a lot of inspiration from the girls in my chapter! I tried to create things I thought would represent their everyday style and really showcase what type of girl a Pepperdine DG is.

My favorite part of working with A&A was HANNAH FURRIER. She was with me 100%, every step of the way. Through every single mock up, question, numbers change…The whole lot. Never once did I feel like I was annoying her or slowing down the process. Hannah was not only professional and timely but I feel like we started a real relationship! She’s the best. (Hi Hannah!)

AA: What is your best piece of advice for young women?

Know your worth then add tax.

AA: What are the 3 character traits you value most in someone else?

The three Hs:

AA: What is your number one beauty staple?

Cherry Chapstick. I can always be found with at least one at any given time.


xoxo, The Mermaids

originally posted August 10, 2016