style tips: potential new members

It’s completely normal to spend weeks (let’s be real… months) picking out the perfect set of outfits for Recruitment. Of course, you want to look your absolute BEST– but that doesn’t mean you need to break your bank.

Every school has a different recruitment process and wardrobe protocol, but it’s typical to start with semi-casual clothes and gradually dress “up” as the rounds progress. Even though each university has a different recruitment process, there is one universal rule of thumb: keep it classy ladies. This is a chance to show off your individual style– first impressions matter! Remember you are dressing for yourself & other girls…no boys allowed.

We’ve picked out a few of our favorite options to give you New Member fashionistas an extra dose of inspiration.

First Impression
The first few days of recruitment are long, tiresome, and exciting. Keeping all this in mind, be sure to dress in something comfortable! You can’t go wrong with a floral dress- it’s feminine, summery, and always adorable. Maxi, midi, or short... choose the style that makes you feel happy!

Pref Round
The final round of recruitment usually entails a longer conversation period, and a fancier setting. Remember, this is your last impression with the girls of this chapter– you got this! It’s important to look and even more important to feel your absolute best! The Perfect “Pref Round” Outfit: dress, jumpsuit, or something a bit fancy!

Depending on the university or recruitment location, you will most likely do a lot of walking. Once you’re inside the sorority house or the chapter’s designated recruitment area, you will be sitting down to chat with a handful of chapter members. Be sure to wear comfortable heels/sandals– you have plenty of hands to shake, and your feet should be the least of your problem!

Be sure to include your personal style– each chapter is trying to get to know the real you! Stay true to who you are.

You got this, ladies!
P.S. Extra deodorant never hurt anyone.


xoxo, The Mermaids

originally posted August 31, 2016