what are #recruitmentgoals?

Everyone’s heading back to campus, and we’re all about those #RecruitmentGoals. Fabulous clothes? Um, YEAH! We’ve got you covered in that department. (More on that here.
But really, what are “#Goals”?! To us, recruitment means so much more. Sisterhood. Memories. Making new friends (new sisters) who will carry on your chapter’s legacy for years to come. That’s what WE call #RecruitmentGoals. It’s all about the bigger picture. Mermaids, you got this. Focus on the now, be in the moment, and by all means… Have fun!

So, here’s our little dose of recruitment inspo. Bring it back to basics! Empower each other, keeping that Panhellenic sisterhood strong. After all, we’re in this together. Love yourself, be authentic, and love one another. You’ll be well on your way to welcoming the perfect new member class in no time! Hello, #GOALS.

Here’s to a successful recruitment!!

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originally posted August 25, 2016